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Engineering is Everything



"Right, I want to be an Engineer now!"

- Hassan, age 9, Keighley

Created with funding from the Royal Academy of Engineering's Ingenious  Grant programme, and in partnership with Bradford University Faculty of Engineering, this show tackles the huge subject of Engineering with theatre, comedy and simple, practical science.

Stem Theatre in a Box Presents:

‘Engineering is in Everything!’


Show only:

Have you ever wondered what an engineer actually does? What do they look like? What is it like to be an engineer, and what would happen if engineering didn’t exist? Using storytelling, theatre, puppetry, music, film  and practical science, STEM Theatre in a Box will  inspire and excite young children to think about Engineers and their work in a whole new way. This 30 minute show aims to present to young children what engineers do, in a new and engaging way. 


Show and Workshops: 

 Find out about what an engineer does every day in their work. Hear and see their stories, and find out about different types of engineering.  Try out a simple science experiment, and even start creating your own stories. These 60 minute performance workshops include a 30 minute performance based on real-life engineers stories, followed by a simple, practical science activity.

Curriculum Links:

KS1: Unit 2- Understanding the World, Unit 3- Everyday Materials, Unit 4- Use of Everyday Materials.

KS2: Unit 3- States of Matter, Properties and changes of Materials, Unit 4- Light, Sound, Unit 5- Forces & Magnets, Electricity & Pulleys

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