Announcing STEM Theatre in a Box!

Here at Liberty Arts Yorkshire, we have had to adapt what we do. We have been lucky enough to have been awarded funding to further develop our original Theatre in a Box with STEM Theatre in a Box. New, imaginative arts and science resources for  children aged 4-7 years.Focusing on inspirational female and BAME scientists. For more information, click the more info button here.



Even though we're unable to meet in person, we've been very busy reaching out to the community with various projects. To see more about what we've been up to, click on the 'community' tab above. Here's a peek of our most recent and current projects.

Culture is Our Plan

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As part of Bradford City Council's ten year cultural strategy 'Culture is Our Plan', we were commissioned to research what culture means is rural areas of Bradford. We created a film form our findings. To watch, click here:

STEM Theatre in a Box


We are thrilled to announce we have been successful in receiving funding to develop 'STEM Theatre in a Box'. Building on the success of our original Theatre in a Box, we are working with a local primary school teacher to focus on, and promote science capital in young children through puppets, play and theatre. Focusing on female and BAME scientists, each box will contain everything needed to create your own puppet theatre, a summary of the scientist's story and work, a specially filmed DVD and a small 'kitchen sink' experiment. We are also excited to be working with The National Science and Media Museum, Bradford on this project. For more information, get in touch by clicking the link below.

The Jane Goodall Institute UK


One of the scientists we are featuring in our STEM Theatre in a Box is Jane Goodall, DBE. Primatologist, conservationist, humanitarian and UN ambassador for Peace. We are delighted that The Jane Goodall Institute UK has fully endorsed the project and providing many resources for the 'Jane' boxes. For more about 'Roots and Shoots', the Jane Goodall Institute education programme, click below.


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